I want to remove a product from my basket

Click the “X” button next to the product you want to remove. The product will be removed from your basket. If you want to remove the whole basket, click “Clear Basket” which is below the basket.

Canceling an Order

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, you can contact us via "Live Support" function on Order Confirmation page and home page. You can also call our User Support Line. Please keep in mind though, that it needs to be done pretty early as the restaurant might have started to prepare your food.

Delivery Addresses

How do I create a new delivery address or change an existing one? (If your basket is full)

IF YOUR BASKET IS FULL Click “Confirm Basket”. Then, you will be directed to “CHECK OUT” page that lists your previously saved or used addresses. Our system matches your saved delivery addresses and the delivery regions of that restaurant. And if there is an address that you can use for that restaurant, it is shown active. The addresses that are not in the delivery region of the restaurant are shown with gray-filling. You will see a note that says “Your address is out of the delivery region of this restaurant” next to the gray-filled addresses. To create a new delivery address, just click the “Add New Address” on the right side of the page and fill the required fields. You can also delete the addresses that you will not use again by just clicking on “Delete” button. You can also update any of the addresses by clicking on the “Change” button next to the address and make sure you click “Save” before you continue.

How do I create a new delivery address or change an existing one? (If your basket is empty)

IF YOUR BASKET IS EMPTY (ANYTIME) Click “My Account” on the right top of the site .You will be directed to the page where you can edit your delivery addresses. If you want to add new delivery addresses, just click “New Address” .Fill the address title and other information. Click “Save” on the bottom of the page. Your new address is successfully added to the system. To make changes on the existing addresses, just click “Change” button next to that address. After you make your changes, click “Save”. Your address information is updated.

From where can I reach my delivery addresses?

Enter 'My Account' section, click“Addresses” . You will see that you are directed to the page where you can edit your delivery addresses. On this page, you can see your delivery addresses. If you want to add new delivery addresses or edit the existing ones, just click the “Delete” and “Change” icons next to that address. On this page, you can create as many delivery addresses as you want or update existing ones.

When do I need to create a new delivery address?

You do not need to create a new delivery address if you will not give your order to any other address than the address that you have given us during your registration. You may always create a new address from “Addresses” or from the “Select Address” section on which you select your address information during the ordering process.

How can I make a change on the existing delivery addresses?

To make changes on the existing addresses, just click “Change” button next to that address. After you make your changes click “Save”. Your information is updated.


Why should I order from internet when I can by phone?

There are lots of advantages of placing order via internet over giving your order via phone. Firstly, you will not be hearing a busy signal or put on hold. We know very well that for most of our customers, it is easier to convey an order via because of certain language, connection of noice problems which sometimes make it difficult and frustrating to communicate over the phone. Even the smallest details of your order - no coke, diet coke - will be transmitted to the restaurant in the most accurate way; written. This way, human factor is reduced to minimum and order delivery system becomes error-free. Since saves your address details, you need to enter your address information only once in the beginning (unless you want to save more than one delivery address) and this information is added to your orders every time automatically. For example, you have a meeting and you want your meal to be ready when you finish your meeting, then just choose the time you want your meal to be ready and let take care of the rest. You only need 5 clicks to order from, that is you are only 5-clicks away from your meal.

How long and in what shape does my order reach the restaurant?

You are placing your order from our web and database server, this triggers our software and sends all the detailed information about your order to the related restaurant. Within 10 seconds after you click the “Place Order” button, your order reaches the restaurant with all the details (no tomato in the sandwich, cheesecake sauce etc.). The delivery time and the details about your order have the utmost importance for us, because we are very well aware that the sooner you receive you order the more pleased you will be.

Ooops! I forgot my password/username, what should I do?

Do not panic! We will ask you to enter the e-mail address you gave us during your registration. If you entered it right then, there is no problem. Our system will send your username and password to that e-mail address. If you do not have any access to your e-mail, contact us on the phone, our representatives will help you as soon as possible. The important thing is that you reach your meal whenever you want. But come on, note that password somewhere else. :)

What are your working hours?

You may find the information on which restaurant is open when, in the restaurant page under “Working Hours”

Who is ? is an e-commerce site established to bring together internet users with restaurants that have delivery service. Users place orders from the continously updated restaurant menus using the website with no extra fee charged. Your order is transmitted using the latest technologies and in written form to the restaurant in less than a minute.

It is OK. Let's say I ordered through, how much will I pay you?

You will pay exactly the same amount of money you’d pay if you ordered directly from the restaurant itself. We do not and will never charge our users for our service. All the information presented on our site is provided by the restaurant, be it prices, delivery charges or special discounts. Good news is, from time to time we have exclusive promotions, which are only available while ordering through Stay tuned!

So you tell me I am choosing my meal from your website. After a certain time the doorbell rings and my meal arrives. Come on, this cannot be happening?

Yes, it can! We have taken and delivered hundreds of millions without any problem until now. We are sure that your orders will be added to those, since we trust our system, ourselves and you very much.

How can I be sure that my order has reached you indeed?

When you are done with ordering, our server will tell you that your order has reached us. From this moment on, transmitting your order to the restaurant and making sure everything works perfectly is our job. Order confirmation of the restaurant will be sent to your e-mail address as well (This e-mail is only for informing you and nothing else.). We update restaurant menus during the day from time to time. That is, if ' Cherry Sause' is finished in a restaurant, this information is updated immediately on the website saying “Out of stock for today!” and you will know it before you are placing your order not after. But whatever precautions we take, problems may occur sometimes and we will try to reach you via your phone and e-mail when necessary. That is why we ask you to give your mobile number during registration, as well.

Do I have to wait you to send my password when I first register?

Of course not. aims to simplify the ordering process and increase efficiency. We do not send you password; you choose your own password. We don’t know whose password is what. Nothing should stand between you and your meal.

Why do I have to register?

Registering has many advantages and is totally free. First of all we need is your e-mail address and phone number, so that we can tell you the restaurant has run out of “Toast with Cheese” when necessary. Secondly, by entering your address and address description once while you are registering, you will not need to enter your address each time you want to place an order.

There are a lot of restaurants in your list, but there are some that I really like and missing here?

Restaurants you like are restaurants we like. We would be happy to add your recommendations to our list. Please fill the form you see when you click“Recommend Restaurant” in your homepage. Our sales team will get in touch with the owner or manager of that restaurant and try to add the restaurant to our system.

But I do not want to give you my credit card details?

Your credit card number is none of our business. You pay after you receive your order, exactly the way you pay when you order by phone: in cash or with credit card. For us, e-commerce does not require credit card. And unless you want to order and pay with your credit card online, we will never ask you to do so.

Minimum Delivery Amount

How can I learn the minimum package amount of a restaurant without entering the page of the restaurant?

After searching for the region you are in, you will see the list of the restaurants serving to that region. Just move the mouse on the name of the restaurant and wait for 1 second, you will see the minimum delivery amount in a small pop-up box. You are also able to view the rating, payment methods and minimum delivery amount for that restaurant in the same box appearing when you move your mouse to the name of the restaurant.

Order Details

How can I see the details of my orders?

If you want to see the details of your order, after you add a product to your basket just click ' confirm order' on the bottom of the basket. You will be directed to “Checkout” page and you can see the details of your order. You can alway go back to your order by clicking restaurant name or logo.

Previous Orders

How do I reorder my previous orders?

You can see your previous orders in the “Previous Orders” section of the main page when you are signed in . You can repeat your previous orders to your basket with just one click “Repeat” on the right of the previous order that you want to order again.


What are these Promotions? promotions are open to all of our users. These promotions consist of discounts or different types of promotions - mostly valid only on - from our member restaurants. You may reach our extensive number of promotions by clicking the “Promotions” section on the bottom of the page. In the restaurant listing pages.

How do I use them?

When you click “Promotions” on the bottom of the page you will be directed to the page where you will find all promotions, gift promotions, special promotions for you and other promotions such as coupons available on Under the “All Promotions” tab, you can list the promotions available for a specific region by choosing a region in the panel.


What is the rating system? How does it work?

Our restaurant rating system is created for you to rate your orders according to speed, service quality and flavour. You can see 'Previous Orders' section on the main page of the site. Here you will see “Rate/Comment” button for the previously unrated orders and your ratings for your rated orders respectively. When you click “Rate/Comment” button to rate a specific order, you may choose our Perfect - Absymal scale to rate your orders according to delivery speed, service quality and flavour , moreover you can also share your comments. Your ratings will be taken into account immediately and affect the average of that restaurant. You can view these changes on the same page immediately.

I rated a restaurant that does not have a rating but I cannot see my rating. Does filter some ratings?

We would never do that! The ratings of the restaurants are formed by the average of latest 25 orders. Moreover, if a restaurant does not have a rating, at least 5 different orders must be rated before the rating of the restaurant is visible. That’s why you cannot see your rating. After enough number of users rate that restaurant, the average of these ratings will be shown. This prevents very high ratings or very low ratings that may seriously affect the image of a restaurant. Some restaurant owners may want to give deceptive ratings for their own restaurant or for their rivals.

What about giving comments about orders? Do you really read them?

Rating system not only lets you rate your order according to delivery speed, service quality and flavour but also helps you to comment verbally about the order. These comments will be used to deliver any type of appraisal, complaint, problem or suggestion to the related departments. Your comments will be considered and acted upon immediately. If and when necessary, you will be notified as well.